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Campton, NH

Alan Mann was recommended by a friend who was building in Campton but needed help on some of the more complicated parts of the project. In our case, Mann’s built the house from the cellar up. I don’t know how to write this review without sounding over enthusiastic, but every aspect of the work was outstanding. The only delays were caused by us (e.g. took our time to pick out lighting, door hardware, etc.); Mann kept right on schedule. The house is built like a fortress. Behind-the-wall cuts are like finished. Everything is level, squared, true. His subs did excellent work, small problems were kept small. He worked with us to find decent prices on materials, took plenty of time to discuss the work at different stages, and added some really nice touches that were his own design (both structural and finishing). Obvious that he was as involved and as proud of the project as we were. The guy is honest and easy to work with. We highly recommend.

Mark & MaryAnn

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  • EPA Lead Renovator Certified
  • New Hampshire Energy Code Compliant
  • Lakes Region Builders & Remodelers Association